About us

Providing solutions based on the latest technologies for the fleet management and security industries.

EWC Vehicle Communication offers a unique range of security, surveillance and fleet management products. All our products offer the user full control and notifications by cell phone. Our products are affordably priced, and still ensuring vehicle owners complete peace of mind.

We are a level 2 B-BBEE compliant company based in South Africa. Both our manufacturing facility and call centre is based in South Africa.
In house design, development and manufacturing of our own products means we are able to tailor our offerings to meet client-driven requirements.


Fleet Products

Take control of your fleet with Tracer®

Tracer® offers complete fleet management to many of the largest commercial fleets.

Our unique features help you manage and protect your assets and cargo, and our automated technology ensures you a competitive edge.

With fleets it is all about cost savings, safety and management tools; and EWCop offers you technology to do the work for you.


Site and Asset Protection

Protection Devices based on Radio Frequency

Our substantial range of RF products allows for the tracking and locating the stolen cables or assets and have been successfully commissioned at several large organisations country wide.

Assets can be fitted with tiny RF devices, which will alert on movement or power loss, and which can be recovered.

A number of unique early warning RF devices provide perpetrator detection before the perpetrator can commit the crime preventing asset and production loss.


Products and services summary

Fleet Management

World class fleet management products to manage your fleet in realtime

People Tracking

Long battery life and small form factor to track people, ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Guard Monitoring

Manage your guard activity in real time and validate the patrol routes

Asset Protection

Monitor asset movement and locations, recover high value assets

Site Protection

Protect your key infrastructure with intrusion detection devices and human presence detectors

Value added services

Several value add products including phone triangulation and system integration.

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